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Ludwig and the Angry Inch by KaeMantis Ludwig and the Angry Inch :iconkaemantis:KaeMantis 68 28 First Generation by Kyoko-Taide First Generation :iconkyoko-taide:Kyoko-Taide 9,820 1,186
feel free to tell me anything,
feel free to spill you heart.
feel free to yell out "i love you",
don't fear what we might start.
jump onto my rollercoast,
jump into the wind.
take me with all my failures,
and hug me till the end.
i call you,
when i need to know,
  that everythings alright.
but mostly,
just to hear your voice,
  and wish you a goodnight.
:iconshocil:shocil 1 1
timyx by shocil timyx :iconshocil:shocil 2 16 kitty by shocil kitty :iconshocil:shocil 3 5 Teela-Marie Yoshi by Lershy Teela-Marie Yoshi :iconlershy:Lershy 3 4 Zephyr-My Version by EcoQueenMistress Zephyr-My Version :iconecoqueenmistress:EcoQueenMistress 1 1 66. Nature by FK-Central 66. Nature :iconfk-central:FK-Central 2 14
Sunrose Fersilgon Yoshi Bio
  Sunrose Fersilgon Yoshi Autobiography
Age: 25
Species: Yellow Yoshi
Gender: Girl
Birthday: February 7th.
Parents: Vulosi Serran Yoshi (Mother) & Karn Gildor Yoshi (Father)
Other Relatives: Servosi Elgon Yoshi (Cousin)
Full Name: Sunrose Fersilgon Yoshi (Pronounced sun-rose fur-sill-gun yo-she)
Element: Air
Friends: Yosheffer & Yoshelli
Job: Mail Delivery
Job Rank: Mailperson
Job Ambitions: To Become A Senator For District 9 Of Starwind
Quote: "Everyone Eventually Reaches Their Time To Die, And When They Do, Those Around Them Must Remember That Although It Is Hard, To Not Sink Into Eternal Depression And Defeat Because The Deceased Loved One Would Not Want That, And They Are Never Really Gone. They Reside With You Forever, And They Are In A Kinder World After Death. So They Are In Some Way Lucky To Have Died, So Long As They Lived A Good Life. Eventually, You Will Join Them, But Live And Make Good Out Of The Rest Of Your Physical Life First, Or You Will Truly Never
:iconbooster4444:Booster4444 1 6
Plane of Wisdom by TheFunnyBunny Plane of Wisdom :iconthefunnybunny:TheFunnyBunny 196 66 L's tea party by Go-Devil-Dante L's tea party :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 15,359 3,163
Her Mighty Wrath
Ominously, she travels
From the waters of the ocean,
Onto the destination before her.
Her fierce strikes on the land
Cause the inhabitants to fear
The power that is to revere.
The air churns
As each breath
Escapes her mouth.
She howls and screams…announcing her approach.
Strengthening, nearing, engaging.
She comes with one goal in mind…total destruction of all before her.
Cautiously, the people prepare for their unwanted guest.
They begin to supply
In hopes to survive.
Many depart for their own safety in fear
While courageous, maybe even foolish, souls stay here.
Panic ensues on the land
As the people dodge her hand.
worrying, watching, waiting.
She comes with one goal in mind…total destruction of all before her.
Finally, she arrives.
Her screams tear everything apart,
Whilst her tears flood the land around her.
Objects fly
High into the sky,
Becoming nothing more
Than mere examples of might.
She laughs at those who try to live.
Making their efforts of futility
Last for
:iconthecrescentfox:TheCrescentFox 10 35
Making Good Beds
We loved, we laughed
and most nights I was proud to say
that you were my girl.
But, as time passed
I became annoyed.
Small things,
the way you chew,
your loud yawn
the way you woke me
on lazy Sunday afternoons.
I was always tired with you,
I've been falling asleep for years.
Can we only be friends,
or would that be awkward?
Sharing a bed can change things,
but making one is more compelling.
There's something to folding sheets
and that crease which refuses to flatten,
leaving a ripple no matter how thick the blanket.
There's always the inconspicuous edge of the bed
from which you may take a fall;
even in moments of greatest pleasure.
I've learned that good intentions
don't always give you happiness;
and no matter how you feel,
that crease always remains.
:iconghbatt:ghbatt 9 51
From 2007 to 2008 by Leoshi From 2007 to 2008 :iconleoshi:Leoshi 9 31
L babysits
Wammy House
"L's coming!" Mello came in. "No one told us!"
Near looked up from his little puzzle of a farm with little chicks on it. "I knew. Watari told us a long time ago," said Near.
Mello was silent for a moment. His jaw dropped. "Really?" He slumped. "No one told me...Why is he here anyway?"
"He's going to take care of us while the caretaker is out. He thinks its a good idea if we hang out with him to evaluate who he wants to pick. It was his idea."
"This wasn't my idea, Watari," said L as he walked in the Wammy House corridors. He was on the phone with him.
"It's the only option we had. The caretaker didn't find anyone else and you need to start analyzing your successors. You hear me young man?" asked Watari.
"Yes sir..." L frowned.
"But why am I stuck babysitting these two anyway? Can't they take care of themselves?"
"They're only seven and eight, L."
"So what, I'm taking them to my place to watch them?"
"That's right."
"Alright. It's just two kids, how b
:iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 94 62
The Gates of Hell
Let the wind blow
Allow the moon to glow
Whip my hair and make it flow
And don’t ever tell my dreams no
The road to paradise
Is through the gates of hell
The path of light
Is where the darkness dwells
Under the stars
Beneath the rain
From above so far
And I can not restrain
So let my demons come here
And I’ll welcome them tonight
I have nothing to fear
And everything to fight
The road to paradise
Is through the gates of hell
So let my soul break twice
And take that half to sell
Let the animal run free
Allow those four paws to flee
Ears of faith!
Hear my plea!
Lend me the key
To what the demons see
Hear me laugh
In this moonlit bath
Hear the wolves howl
And obey their call
Or to hell you’ll fall
Let hell glow bright
And heaven take flight
The demons have come
And freedom is some
The road to paradise
Is through the gates of hell
Don’t take the chances
And there you’ll dwell
Take life for granted
And the darkness will swell
The road to paradise
Is through the gate
:iconlmclawson:lmclawson 2 7


"You know where my heart is,
The same place that yours has been,
And we know that we fear to win,
And so we end before we begin,
Before we begin."

There's a lot I could say, would say, if only for the fact that spilling too much would be in and of itself stifling.

What I want to express is that there's been a shift in the deepest parts of my mind; there were mechanisms of my writing that have long-since served me well that were petrified because I wasn't ready to move on from the chapter they had been created in.

Let me try to be less esoteric here: there were parts of my writing process I had long since abandoned because the very person who had brought me to his kingdom and taught me the ways of the world had abandoned our world and I just didn't have the will to tend to it all alone. I didn't have the strength of heart to use the same type writer I had for so long.

I also didn't have the heart to read the last book he had ever loaned to me. There was a lot I had avoided that I couldn't see before recently.

As this has unfolded, so too have I realized that life brought me down to Florida on the salty winds and tides for more than just to be a light for my students, but also to restore and replenish my mental caverns.

There's a lot I can't say. I can't say I'm going to get to provide my followers with a "Melodies Forever" re-write in a direct sense.

I can say that gears have shifted and doors that have been closed for years and years have had their padlocks taken off, free to serve their purpose once more.

You're going to get your re-writes and that story I promised.

And a whole lot more than that.

With the writing of this note, I can speak now to the fact that I have renewed my vows to writing, and to my muse. She has  stood sentry over my dreams, steadfast and more patient with me than I have felt that I deserve. I owe it to myself, I owe it to her, and I owe it to the boy from my childhood who gave me so much to read to write the book.

Thanks for reading, and I'll be in touch soon,
~ Teela
  • Listening to: Every Breaking Wave - U2
  • Reading: American Gods - Neil Gaiman
  • Watching: Game of Thrones S3
  • Playing: Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia
  • Eating: A Proper Breakfast of Eggs, Fruit, and Bacon!
  • Drinking: Water, water, everywhere


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Artist | Student | Other
United States
Hi, I'm Alex and I enjoy writing horror and fantasy fiction. I also enjoy drawing and have just recently learned how to use Illustrator. I am currently working on my master's degree in English with a focus on creative writing. When I'm not doing these things, I play video games. I am especially fond of RPG's and most Nintendo titles.


My boyfriend is teaching me new art techniques. Today we focused on my understanding of anatomy. :)
Digging up dirt and planting plot seeds to see what grows.
The hurricane has passed; no loss of electricity in my section of Orlando either, which is nice. Hotel in tact. Apartment, I'm told, also in tact. :) Hurricane has devolved into a tropical storm, and good riddance! Still lots of flooding on the roads, so I can't return home. No call back to work yet either. Will be in touch!
The hurricane is encroaching upon my area. Electricity still in tact, and I'm listening to remixes of Undertale's "Hopes & Dreams" while drinking a hot cup of rose sencha green tea.
Evacuated from southeastern Florida up to Orlando to get away from Hurricane Irma. Hunkered down with plenty of food and bottled water. Will update when more information is available.


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